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Welcome to my portfolio site for 2019 but most of all thanks for stopping by and having a look at what I do and what I have done and taken some time to learn a little more about me. I am a Graphic Designer, Creative & Technologist from Sydney, Australia with 12+ years collective experience in a vast array of digital media & design related fields. I tackle things like ideation/concepting/designing applications, games & various collateral for all types of campaign-related media & standalone projects. I address both end-user & customer/user-experience considerations in both physical & digital worlds. I also investigate and work within the areas of UI/UX, Art Direction, Information Hierarchy, and more Technological & Technical considerations, together with the Interpersonal/Inter-relational & Interactive aspects of various physical and digital products, services. I am also interested in various interactive and experiential ‘things’ such as Branding, Signage & Way-finding, Websites, SAAS products, Apps for a mobile tablet, desktop and more. When I’m not working, I enjoy playing guitar, making musical instruments, riding & customising motorcycles. I also collect hip-hop, electronic & punk/hardcore records. My all-time favourite NBA player is Alonzo Mourning, who played out most of his career for The Miami Heat.

Julian Deville Smith

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My CV page contains a detailed rundown on many of my previous roles, duties, clients as well as agencies I have worked at both full time & freelance, during my time as a Digital Designer.

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